Kids art activities

Enjoy all sorts of fun with the whole family!

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Jose the Face Painter.jpg

Face Painting with José

CLay Lady.jpg

Clay Lady’s Tent

  • Kidsville team members will host participants in learning basic skills of clay art…and featuring instruments that are made of clay to look at.


Musical Meet & Greet

(Saturday afternoon, 12-2pm)

  • On Saturday afternoon, 12-2pm a musician will guide a Musical Meet and Greet time for a featured time of hearing music played, and some guided instruction.  (an artist that plays clay pot drums is being pursued for this)

  • Pretend stage, echo microphones, real instruments displayed and in bins that children can play and explore by themselves, with a parent, or with other children.

kids reading.jpg

Imagination Library Art/Music Reading Area 

  • inflatable cushions for seating, a weatherproof blanket on the floor, books on a small, low table and in a picnic type plastic box (in case of rain, this makes protecting the books easy)

  • 1 four foot table set at a low height for children to create art about how books inspire their art…paper, shaped like an open-book will be the surface on which to create and take with them or leave on a “books inspire art” posting wall. (clothespins on a plastic chicken wire panel)

kids scavenger hunt.jpg

Art Treasure Hunt

Check list for children to to take with them through the festival to explore the event and hunt for types of art. (ie. made of…wood, metal, clay, glass, fiber, etc.)

kids general 2.jpg

Kidsville Lawn Play 

  • play equipment arranged like art installations and Nashville Predators Fitness Zone

  • stepping stones that can be re-arranged

  • fiber arts balls for ball toss into unique “baskets” and hockey goals

  • hula hoops

  • parachute that can be decorated and used