The 44th annual American Artisan Festival will be held this year on Father's Day weekend - June 16, 17 & 18, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee’s Centennial Park, also home of the Parthenon, Nashville's unrivaled tourist attraction. With its explosive population, economy, music, and arts scene, it is the best time to show in Nashville, and the city continues to hold a special place in its heart for this great festival and Father’s Day tradition.  The estimated revenue from this show according to artist reports is well over $1MM bringing the average artist revenue to $6600. 

Always free to the public, the American Artisan Festival is visited by more than 20,000 local residents and tourists each year, and is co-sponsored by the Nashville Board of Parks and Recreation and The Nashville Arts Commission. In addition to presenting the best in contemporary American handcrafts and fine art, fair goers also enjoy live music by some of Nashville's most talented musicians, a free children’s art booth, and more than fifteen artisanal food and drink vendors including craft cocktails, beer and wine.  We will also include a new American Artisan Festival Award of Excellence for $1000 as well as a People’s Choice Award of $500, which will be determined through our social media channels and online voting.

The American Artisan Festival has had a long and successful history in Nashville since 1971. Founded by Nancy Saturn, a retailer and early pioneer in the contemporary craft movement, the American Artisan Festival has been dedicated to showcasing handcrafts and fine art of the highest quality for over 40 years. Founder Nancy Saturn lost her battle with breast cancer in 2010; however, the show carries on her vision and tradition of excellence led by her daughter and protégé, Samantha Saturn who has been running the event since 2010.  Samantha also is a retailer in her own right having held senior marketing roles at and and has been developing programs to sell art to consumers online throughout her entire career.


It is worth noting that the past few years we have had to postpone this event as Centennial Park was undergoing a master plan rebuild and we were devoted to hosting the show in our original location.  We are thrilled to report this beautiful section of the park is completed and our show is going to be even better than ever!   


The American Artisan Festival is located in the newly rebuilt front lawn of Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee June 16, 17, 18, 2017.  Free to the public it will be located just off West End avenue down the hill from Nashville’s Parthenon in Centennial Park. You will take Exit #1 from I-440 to West End Avenue (US 70). Drive EAST on West End approximately seven blocks.


Friday, June 16, 2017:  4PM – 8PM

Saturday, June 17, 2017: 10AM – 7PM

Sunday, June 18, 2017: 10AM – 5PM



Show Dates:               June 16-18, 2017

Application Deadline: March 1, 2017 (midnight)

Jury Week:                 March 6, 2017

Acceptance Emails:    March 13, 2017

Acceptance Deadline:  April 1, 2017

Booth Fees Due:        April 20, 2017 (midnight)

Cancellation:              April 27, 2017 last day to cancel

Hotel Block Release:  May 1, 2017


American Artisan Festival

4029 Wallace Lane

Nashville, Tennessee 37215


Applicants will need to submit four images, three that are representative of your work and one that clearly shows your booth. Artwork will be evaluated on the criteria of skill, originality, impact, and design. (Do not submit written or printed materials as they will not be considered by the jury.) Artwork shown in your booth shot should be representative of your current work.

American Artisan Festival jurors use a remote process, facilitated through Zapplication, to assess applications. Images and descriptions are the sole factor evaluated during the process; names, prices and residential information are not provided to jurors. During the jury process each of the artist’s four images are viewed individually and then are viewed simultaneously, side by side on a scoring page. Each juror scores every entry on a scale of one to seven, with seven being the highest score. This remote process allows jurors to review images thoughtfully, at their own pace and convenience. Each year, new jurors are selected to rate images based on skill, originality, impact, and design.


All sales are handled by the exhibitor. The American Artisan Festival collects no commission on sales. The exhibitor must collect Tennessee Sales tax, and instructions will be included in your welcome packet (given at check-in) regarding how the sales tax should be deposited with the Tennessee Department of Revenue.



Best of Show Award - A $1000 Cash Best of Show award will be given. The winner will also be invited to return to the 2018 American Artisan Festival, and both jury and booth fees will be waived.

Invitational Award – A $500 Cast People’s Choice Award will be selected and picked through social media from our consumers and fans. 



Application, booth and other fees may be sent via check or money order to the American Artisan office if you do not wish to pay through Zapplication. Make payable to American Artisan Festival and mail to: American Artisan Festival, 4029 Wallace Lane, Nashville, TN 37215.


$40 non-refundable application fee, plus $40 for each additional medium.  
$495 non-refundable booth fee - your booth fee constitutes an agreement to show. Booth space cannot be reserved without payment of fees. There will be no cancellations or refunds after April 27th except for family emergencies and will be at the discretion of the AAF team.


Acceptable Canopy Dimensions: 10´ x 10´ we can also accommodate some 15x15 if needed.  Important note: due to emergency lane access requirements, each booth space on the square proper measures approximately 10 feet wide by 8 feet deep, with an additional two feet on the backside of your space. Artists may not share booth space except in the case of artistic collaboration. The AAF will make an effort to give accepted artists preferred booth spaces. However, there are no guarantees, and assigned booth spaces are subject to change



Exhibitors are responsible for their entire displays. Limited electricity is available for exhibitors (10 spaces). See calendar for set-up times. There of course will be no set up during show hours. The show goes on rain or shine, and each exhibitor should make arrangements for wind or rain. (Tents must be rented in advance. See Optional Tent Rental.)


The American Artisan Festival provides 24-hour security on the fairgrounds (from 7pm Thursday through 6pm Sunday); however, all artists exhibit work at their own risk. It is understood that The American Artisan Festival does not carry insurance to cover your personal property. As an independent contractor, you are advised to obtain your own insurance.


·      Cash awards, including The Nancy Saturn Excellence Award and the People’s Choice Award

·      Vehicle unloading/loading at booth space, weather permitting

·      Free artist parking close to the event

·      Complimentary bagels and coffee each morning

·      24-hour police security during the fair

·      Volunteer booth sitting during show hours

·      Full-scale marketing campaign including print, online, radio and television media outlets as well as select direct media opportunities


·      Artwork must be original, designed and produced by, or under the direct supervision of the exhibiting artist.

·      No commercial reproductions, or embellished commercial products are allowed.

·      Work done by a production studio is not acceptable. All work must be designed and executed by the accepted artist.

·      If you produce work in editions, you must disclose edition numbers.

·      Artists may only show work in categories and body of work selected by the Jury.

·      All work exhibited must be of the quality, category and body of work of that shown in the images juried.


All displayed work must be for sale or commission, with prices clearly marked. Electricity or other sources of ignition are not permissible inside exhibitor tent or display area. The use of generators is strongly discouraged. If a generator is essential to displaying your artwork, it must be battery operated, quiet and non-fume producing. Applicants must state the use of a generator on their Zapplication. 

·      All exhibitor tents must be WHITE in color.

·      Tents may be secured with hand - or foot-driven stakes - which do not exceed 9 inches.

·      No prerecorded or amplified live music of any kind is permissible in an exhibitor’s booth space


Works eligible for exhibition include clay, drawing, fiber/textiles, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, oil painting, paper, photography, printmaking, sculpture, wood and other. Note: Artists wishing to exhibit jewelry and another medium MUST submit a separate application for their jewelry and may not exhibit jewelry unless this second application is accepted.


The American Artisan Festival is open to all artists 18 years of age or older.

All exhibited work must be original in concept and must have been created by the accepted applicant. No work made with commercial kits, molds, patterns, plans, stencils, or prefabricated forms may be exhibited. No buy/sell. Offset reproductions of original art may be sold, but must not comprise more than 20% of exhibited work or occupy more than 20% of a booth space. Buy/sell is not permitted.

Artists must be invited in the "Jewelry" category in order to exhibit and sell any amount of jewelry at the fair.

Each exhibitor's work may be screened by Art Fair jurors during The American Artisan Festival jury process. Artists whose work does not comply with the rules, or differs from the images submitted, will be asked to leave. The judgment of the jury will be final, and no refunds will be given.

Artists must be present to exhibit and manage their displays during Art Fair. Artists are limited to the booth space(s) they were assigned; booth spaces are non-transferable. Any artist who has not been juried into Art Fair, or has not paid the jury and booth fees, will not be allowed to exhibit.

All sales will be conducted between the artist and the purchaser. Participating artists must collect and pay Tennessee sales tax on all sales made during the fair.  

All artists must adhere to Nashville safety guidelines regarding booth display. Noncompliance will result in citations and fines, and will prevent exhibition. City and Capitol Police regulations will be provided to all accepted artists. Artists responsible for damages to City or State grounds will be held liable.

The American Artisan Festival retains the right to expel artists or deem them ineligible for awards if they fail to comply with the rules stated above.