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For forty-four years, The American Artisan Festival event has brought artists from around the country together in Centennial Park with the mission to make art more accessible. By providing direct access to artists, Nashvillians then get to take the time to learn about their art, their process and enjoy collecting art in a whole new way. It is tactile, it enables personal connections, and it is fun! 

Last year for our 2017 event, The American Artisan Festival added a powerful site specific public art installation entiteld GROW LOVE by visiting artists Tracy Ginsberg and Theodore Lillie of Forest Alchemy. As we look at this coming year, we all fell in love with the idea that our visitors can also continue to have sculpture or site specific experiences that elevate the experience of visiting Centennial park. Therefore, this year, sculptors, builders and installation/live artists are invited to create something new to the annual tradition.

Multiple installations may be chosen to receive anywhere from $100 to $5,000 in funding to bring their art to life at Centennial Park the weekend of June 15-17 for The American Artisan Festival 2018. Keep in mind, we are looking for projects of all sizes and costs – small, medium, and large installations will be considered and awarded accordingly. We have about a 40x40 foot area we’ve scoped out close to the entrance of the event, but we are open to new ideas and opportunities you would like to present. The goal being that as you step into the event, these installations will be along your journey through the festival. 


-A grant of up to $5,000 towards the costs of building your installation
-Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner provided for your team (5) during your setup and teardown
-A liaison for your team to assist with any production needs
-Power hookup for your installation
-A proper footprint within The American Artisan Festival for your piece
-A build timeline with benchmarks and deadlines to help you stay on track
-Local press and marketing outreach about the installation