Each year, the American Artisan Festival reaches out to Watkins Art Institute to help us find a local designer who can design the poster for the festival. The poster has become a collector's item in its own right and we love to honor the artistic freedom of artists in everything we do - right down to the poster.

Natalie Miles a freelance creative specializing in whimsical illustrations and patterns. Her work is often inspired by the organic shapes and patterns found in nature but is always searching for new sources of inspiration. When she's not working, Natalie enjoys yoga, reading, and watermelon by the pool. She graduated from Watkins College of Art in Nashville, TN and lives in KY working on various projects including posters, patterns for products, invitations. and more. She mainly works with gouache and watercolor but loves to include digital techniques into her process as well. 

2018 poster designed by Natalie Miles.

Natalie Miles, Nashville, Tenn.

Past year Posters